The Search for Harmony and Reconciliation in Islamic-Western Relations

The Search for Harmony and Reconciliation in Islamic-Western Relations

(A Manifesto for Peace)


The New Humanism’ collection is intended as a series of studies on current affairs, which are particular relevance to both the Western World and Islam. The studies will cover the historical, philosophical and literary work of authors whose principal aim is to encourage dialogue between the two worlds, convinced as they are that only through this type of research, alongside a sincere desire to understand one’s fellow men, can the existing division between these two Universes –the Western World and Islam– be overcome and resolved.

The title chosen for the collection, in itself, is indicative of what these studies aim to achieve: only when Mankind, and not the powers by which it is ruled, regardless of nationality, religious or political beliefs, is at the fulcrum of historical events, can we hope to attribute a positive meaning to our adventure on this Planet.

Meanwhile, the collection aims to contribute to the efforts of those most sincere wish is to see Mankind as a rational being, capable of dialogue with his equals, rather than a pawn in endless conflict. Professor Gamal Abdel-Karim’s study is the first in “The New Humanism” collection. The title Prof. Abdel-Karim has chosen clearly illustrates his intention. We can, if we believe in the aims expressed in this study, achieve reconciliation between the two great civilizations that are emblematic of the world we live in.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

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